With daily and our children at birth work, we found we had less time to prepare meals daily. Then we started to get some ready meals, as we were arriving home tired.


The products that were in the tents containing a variety of chemical additives, which did not interest us consume or give our children.

One day we discovered organic food free of additives, GM and assurance certification. But we found easy meals to prepare, with the quality of organic.


For all this, in 1999 my wife and I started to produce ready to eat organic food. We thought there would be more people like us, that by arranging a short time, did not want to eat poorly.


We started making veggie burgers and croquettes that were selling directly to health food stores.


Veggie burgers really liked for its taste, its varieties and a small reflection tale had on their labels. People began to call them "hamburgers of the story".


Later we plant scallops we call: Nutrilopas.


The Nutrilopas currently we do in seven flavors, seitan, cheese, carrot and apple, spelled, onion and olive, mushroom and tomato.


In NUTRI ALIMENTS we continue with the same spirit that made us begin, providing innovative, nutritious and organic dishes. Because we have always believed that a natural diet prevents diseases, allergies and strengthen our defenses.


NUTRI ALIMENTS not cease in its efforts to offer the widest possible range within the sector and to meet the target it set itself at the outset: Introduce to all consumers, the existence of a new form of healthy, natural and food CREATIVE.


Over time we have been increasing our product range and expanded our markets, exporting to several countries in the European Community.


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making them.

Gustavo Calabró
Gerente General

Certified Organic Agriculture


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Gustavo Calabró Benavidez




Adriana Alegria González




Valle Martínez

Commercial Director



Josep Perarnau

Administrative Assistant



Daniel Ayala

1º Kitchen Manager



Oscar Mario Ojeda

2º Kitchen Manager



Analía Robles González 

Labelling and cleaning charge





Our program "For a cleaner planet" is to reduce the impact of our products on the environment, so as to continue offering the same quality while respecting the planet.

For example, you know that in our fresh products do not use a holster additional cardboard, thus a waste of a 100% cover less than if you were saving?


Protecting our environment is the great challenge we face in the twenty-first century. Overuse of natural resources, pollution of the gaseous pollutants and the accelerated rate of consumption in developed societies begin to take its toll. As a consequence, global temperature increases and increased drought periods of heavy rain and tornadoes, advancing desertification and increase animal species in danger of extinction. Are the effects of climate change.


In 1997 several industrialized countries signed the Kyoto Protocol, in order to reduce greenhouse gases, but the effectiveness of its compliance dependeno only of governments but also of citizens and businesses.

Aware of this, NUTRI ALIMENTS since its inception has been concerned with developing their organic products, keeping a respectful environmental performance in all processes of manufacturing, distribution and maintenance thereof.




Also in our packaging we try to use recyclable materials, while all our packaging is environmentally friendly.

We participate in the Green Dot program for a fee to help recycle the containers we use. On our labels, we clarify a logo where to recycle the packaging.












Recycling is a simple and practical to save energy and respect the natural resources of the planet.


Not all trash is equal. Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries, metals, appliances, computer equipment, office equipment ... The Spanish generate more and more types of waste and in greater quantity (17 to 20 kilograms per person per year). What can we do with them not to harm the environment? The answer lies in the '3 R': Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Three concepts that we take as a habit in our daily lives to help the environment and leave the best possible world for future generations.

Recycling is to return to the production cycle waste that can be reused as raw material. A process that involves a saving of natural resources and energy. In Spain, it is estimated that the amount of paper recycled 400,000 tons of oil are saved; the recovery of two tons of plastic is equivalent to saving one ton of oil, and the production of recycled glass saves 44% of energy. They are just three examples of the benefits of recycling to the environment.


Did you know that by recycling glass bottles three got the energy to run a dishwasher with dishwashing capacity of twelve people?


And thanks to energy savings achieved with four recycling glass bottles would achieve a fridge full day work?


With as simple as separating bottles, jars and flasks used to deposit later in the igloos gesture glass, reduce energy consumption and air pollution, save raw materials and avoid landfill increase. All with minimal effort we can easily become a weekly habit. In 2004 this type of recycling rose 7.8% over the previous year. In total, harvested in Spain 675 million kg of glass, of which three-quarters came installed in public containers. In the igloos located on the street we just lay jars, bottles and glass bottles. Other materials, such as ceramics or other glass (glasses, window panes ...) that, having a different composition, to be paid into the 'clean points' in your town or city. ¿Glass? Yes, thank you.



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