100% Bio Vegetables steaks

Delicious steaks organic vegetables. 

With VEGE FILET can prepare a meal or a low-fat, nutritious and easy to prepare dinner. 
Easy and healthy to eat


Tortillas, Nachos and Crackers Bio

The WRAPY'S is a variant flatbread which usually filled in different ways. 
It is an alternative to the sandwich but healthier, because you eat less bread. The elaborated with 100% organic ingredients.

Bio Sprouts

Sprouts are one of the few foods you eat while they are still alive, which greatly increases their nutritional value.

Sprouts are buds full of vitality. Its exceptional amount of nutrients makes them indispensable in a healthy diet, in addition to providing flavor to many dishes.

Sprouts are a complete food that can help correct deficiencies in the modern diet.



Soy Burguers

¡Finally a steak Soy!
The healthy alternative to meat.

Enjoy a healthy and nutritious food with steaks SOJA SOY, making it enjoyable and tasty your meals.



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