Our company started more than 10 years ago, at a time when we were busy with our daily work and even more so with the birth of our children. We found we had little time to prepare meals each day and started looking for some pre-cooked meals that we could eat when we came home tired, from a long day.

The products we found in stores contained a wide variety of chemical additives, which we didn’t want to consume or give to our children.
One day, we found that organic food was free of additives, GMOs and had a certification to guarantee these claims. We liked this very much, but we coudn’t find easy to prepare dishes that had this quality.

This is why, in 1999, my wife and I started to prepare “ready to eat” organic meals. We believed that there were more people like us, who had little time to cook, but didn’t want to sacrifice the quality of the food they ate.

We started making veggie burgers and nuggets, that we sold directly to health food stores.

People liked our Veggie burgers for their taste, for the varieties we offered and they liked the short story that was printed on their label. People began to call them "the story hamburger."

Later, we started making vegetable filets called: Nutrilopas or Vege Filets.

We currently sell Vege Filets in seven flavors: seitan and onion, soy and cheese, carrots and onions, buckwheat, onion and olive, mushroom and nuts and tomato.

Our specialities include ready-to-eat dishes with home-made flavor. Our dishes are original and creative. As part of our policy, we devote much of our time to researching and developing nutritional, delicious and attractive products.

In NUTRI ALIMENTS, we continue with the same spirit that made us want to offer innovative, nutritious and organic dishes. We have always believed that natural food helps to prevent diseases and allergies, and it strengthens our defenses.

NUTRI ALIMENTS keeps constantly working to supply the best possible offer within the ecological sector and to achieve its main objective: to raise consumers’ awareness of a new HEALTHY, NATURAL and CREATIVE way of eating. 

Over time we've increased our Product assortment and expanded our markets, exporting to several countries in the European Community and to the United States.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed making them!