Organic products have benefits for you and also environmental and social:

For you:


 - They are natural, healthy and nutritional foods all


In the production of organic food no synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers) are used and in its production or GMOs and ionizing radiation are used. Non-agricultural ingredients such as additives, flavorings or salts, are extremely limited and restricted to those that are essential to the development of the final product. This particular production method ensures that the foods retain their nutritional properties and are of the highest quality.


 - For its flavor and diversity


In surveys of Spanish organic consumers, as a second reason for his choice, then they are healthy, your best flavor is claimed. Organic products as well as being tasty cover a wide range, from traditional fresh fruit and vegetables, until honey, meats, preserves, cheeses and sausages, wine, olive oil, variety is assured


 - They are certified quality


In addition to official controls on all foods are made, organic products are subject to additional certification that guarantees the authenticity of its organic origin. Certification bodies authorized and supervised by the regional administrations, inspected annually to all farms and ecological food processing industries. In organic food traceability and authenticity it is guaranteed. To the environment:


 - Sustainable production


Organic farming is a sustainable agricultural and livestock production, that is enduring, which makes rational use of natural resources, water, air, soil and does not commit to future generations.


 - Avoid contamination and promote biodiversity


Organic foods, without synthetic chemicals, avoid pollution of air, soil and water soluble fertilizers originate as nitrates or pesticides. This cleaner environment, coupled with more respectful cultural techniques, generates an increase in biological activity of the soil, its fertility, prevents erosion and contributes to biodiversity associated with agricultural ecosystems.


 - Contribute to the development of rural areas


Indirectly, the practice of organic farming allows for diversification of production and increasing the added value of the final product. Further analyzes show that organic farming requires a greater volume of work, which creates jobs in rural areas. Organic foods promote environmental and social sustainability.


All this evidence that organic farming is presented as a smart alternative, which pursues objectives and brings benefits desirable weight.


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